Our Canopy is complete

Come rain or shine, we'll be fine.

Battling the elements at work was par for the course for busy logistics company Mars-Jones Ltd. With thousands of pallets to deliver, unloading and loading in the punishing rain and wind meant wet goods and unhappy staff.

Over thirty employees manage hundreds of deliveries during a 24 hour period. Previously, vehicles were unloading outside the warehouse open to the elements. With limited space down the centre of the building, goods and personnel were getting wet on rainy days.

The solution was to create a canopy covering the span from one warehouse to another creating the sheltered courtyard.

Regardless of the weather vehicles can now drive into the canopy for loading and unloading in the dry. 

With all four warehouse doors leading into one courtyard area it made sense to create a canopy to cover the total area. Not only does it allow easy access between all four warehouses it creates an area suitable for the loading and unloading of our Customers products in the safe knowledge that the pallets will remain dry.