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Storage Tailored Around You​

We recognise when handling your inventory we are in fact dealing with your money tied up in working capital, this adjustment in mindset ensures that we control your inventory with pin point accuracy and provide services that enable you, the customer, total visibility of your inventory.

Our inventory team are tasked with managing inventory to target levels of 100% accuracy, whilst also informing you of obsolete, slow moving and on hold inventory.

The warehouse has been designed around the varying needs of our customers. This may include;

Warehouse racks

Pallet Storage

Warehousing and storage tailored to meet your specific needs.

Pick and Pack

Contract packing and assembly or 'pick and pack' service

Batch Preparation

We understand the stage by stage process the customer needs


Cargo consolidation services for specific needs

Re-work and Rectification

We provide the skills and labour to put things right on a short term or long term basis.